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Life: Kids

The children came to stay over on Saturday. It was supposed to be just the 2 boys but the girl came too cos her parents said she couldn't stay over with her ex-neighbour. I've had them over before, but I think I learned a lot this time:

* Always ask what time bedtime is first, and not at 1am when you're wondering why they're all so awake, and you don't want to be
* If you put the 9-year-old next to the 7-year-old they will fight at the slightest provocation
If you put the 7-year-old next to the 5-year-old they will fight at the slightest provocation
If you put the 9-year-old next to the 5-year-old nothing will happen, but then they're not interested in similar things and would never sit next to each other anyway
* Little kids need to have several changes of clothing, because one is never enough.
5-year-olds will spill juice all over the floor and on themselves but not tell you so you have to slip in it to find out. Then when they're all washed, they step in Ivan's water bowl and you have to wash them all over again, only this time they have no clothes left
* No matter how much food you have for dinner, they would rather have cup noodles, and if you say no, they'll eat cup noodles for supper anyway.
* The fridge door gets a workout because they're either thirsty or hungry all the time
* Bits of food get dribbled, dripped, or dropped no matter where they eat or what they eat
* If you have 2 choices for an item, the 7-year-old and the 5-year-old will want the same choice
* If you have 1 choice for an item, they will still both want it
* If you tell them they have no choice, neither will believe you
* If you give one the only item, that child will rush to the others to show off
* You have half the bed if 1 kid sleeps with you. You have 1 sliver of bed if 2 kids sleep with you, because they sleep diagonally
* Orville Reidenbacher popcorn, natural flavour, is too salty for normal consumption, and there's way too much in 1 bag for 3 kids and me

I did not sleep well last night. But anyway, it was also nice that
* The 5-year-old did online colouring for the first time, and learned to move a mouse properly
* The 7-year-old got his first email account, and learned to use a touchpad properly
* We watched Polar Express
* Everyone watched me microwave marshmallows (11 seconds is too long, in hindsight) and
* I found out what Maple Story is.

PS: I also learned the other day what KKB stands for, and that there are gender-specific versions. Anyone who wants to know can leave me their email address in a comment.