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Dropped in more YSM mainly because I poured a little too fast and didn't want to contaminate the pillbox by pouring the excess back.

Saturday morning noticed 2 creatures in the bedroom. Removed the dead one but the other seems to have disappeared. Maybe Ivan ate it.

Big boxes got a slice of bread each, and I watered them. Surprisingly, all the carrot's disappeared. Transferred the suris and readjusted the peat moss, met Hh and passed him YSM and Tinkerbell mash as requested. Contacted JC, we are to meet next weekend. I think there may be enough suris but will need to look at the situation over the next week.

There is a very fat lizard in the balcony. I thought that was a good thing until today, when I found it INSIDE the suri box. It doesn't seem to be there any more, and as per instructions will no longer be leaving the lid up for YS to feed from boxes.

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It is great that the suris are now drastically reduced. It is a pity that YS kick up the peatmoss when the lid is completely off. Otherwise the natural attrition from YS can keep the numbers in check. We cannot rely on lizards as the moment the lizards move to living room, Ivan attrition rate of lizards is too high.

But as you cannot handle the suris, it is not good to allow them to produce more and more suris. From what you told me, even after HH took the bulk of it, there are still lots of suris.

Since it will be a couple of months before I get back, allow JC to take half of each box. Then place in fresh peatmoss to replace that taken.

The suris should be comfortable enough to stay there and not try to become mass escapees.

I am happy that the YSM bowl has at least a gram left in it at time of morning weighing. I like YS to have more than enough of YSM at his time of moult.