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Tech: Video sharing on Youtube

Whew. Have uploaded all existing videos onto Youtube, minus the ones of other people's babies, ex-colleagues and the like, and the 3G videos, which Windows can't recognise as video files. The good news is that anyone can view them now without worrying about whether they have the right software and of their mailboxes exploding (my largest video file is 20MB). The bad news is that most of my videos are pretty low-resolution and meant to be viewed on a much smaller screen.. so you have to bear with the pixelation. A few of the videos, I think the ones taken with the Olympus C730, do not have sound. I can't help the pixelation with the ones taken with my 3G phone, but will take video that's better than email quality from now on.

Joshua stars in his first video, just shy of his 5th birthday 6-06

Joseph dances 6-06

Yingshiong comes for millis 5/06

Yingshiong plays with toys 5-06

Yingshiong sings 5-06

Malay wedding 4-06

Yingshiong nips 3-06

Yingshiong eats mealworm 3-06

Yingshiong soft singing (20MB) 3-06

Yingshiong flies & sings 2/06

Many of the videos taken between mid 2004 and 6/06 were lost in 3 consecutive hard disk crashes between 9/05 and 6/06.

Setting off a sky lantern, new year 1/04

Setting off a sky lantern II, new year 1/04

Tink on recall at Puluowan, Taroko, Taiwan (1 sec) 10-03

Tink on recall at Puluowan, Taroko, Taiwan (3 sec) 10-03

Wenshan hot spring, Taroko, Taiwan 10-03

Choosing the Dazhongwang caretaker, Wencai temple, Chiayi, Taiwan 7/03

Nanheng Gonglu (Southern Cross-island highway) I 6/03

Nanheng Gonglu (Southern Cross-island highway) II 6/03

Nanheng Gonglu (Southern Cross-island highway) III 6/03

Tinkerbell attacks Halftail 6/03

Zorro rough-housing with Halftail 6/03

Tink plays on her ring and says "bad girl" 6/03

Tink plays hard on her ring (Chiayi) 6/03

Tink plays on her ring I (Taipei) 1/03

Changing of the guard at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall 1/03

Peitou's Hell Valley 10/02

Tink plays in her cage as a baby 10/02

Confucius' birthday ceremony 9/02
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