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Taiwan: Wenshan hot spring video

This is one video I'm very glad I took. I consider the Wenshan hot spring of the most beautiful places within the Taroko Gorge area, in Taiwan, and Taroko is incredible in its own right. You can never adequately explain this without video, and I was never able to share the video before because it was such a large file. Please click on the video thumbnail to view the video on

To get here, you have to get beyond Tienhsiang, walk down the side of a mountain (with some ups), through a dripping cave, cross a suspension bridge, then down the side of the mountain on the other side just to get to this place. The exact details are a little fuzzy now :) but photos and descriptions are at

This was probably taken with one of my Olympus cams, in October 2003. Enjoy.
The Wenshan hotsprings will exist only in the memory. My first visit there was way back in 1990 when hardly anyone went there.

It was not built up and existed as a cave in the side of the cliff near the water edge. There was this lovely sand bank that I spend the night listening to the water gurgling pass me.

Then they started to build up that place with more and more pools. Though the charm was not like that first time, more people could get there and with different pools, you get different temperatures as well. The original pool was very hot, and only experts like me knew how to get into such hot water.

In July 2005 when I went there again, that hotspring was sealed off after a rock fall killed some people in the hot pool.

Here is the URL

to my webpage and photos of that giant rock in the pool. That spring might not be opened again.

The images from the photos and the videos are all that will be left of those times