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Food: Sun & Moon Dining Cafe

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You get so disappointed with the quality of Japanese restaurants in general that when you see that a new one has opened somewhere, you just discount it. I didn't have very high expectations for the Sun Moon, though KM, FF and SJ said that the food is great here.

My first inkling that this is really true was the reservations list when we got there. It was marked FULL across 2 days, and the restaurant was packed. Don't visit, even for lunch on a weekday, unless you already have a reservation (we did).

There are a whole lot of very nice sets at pretty reasonable prices by Japanese restaurant standards. Best of all the food is really good. We had salmon sashimi as well and it was very high quality. I would venture that it is Taiwan standard. Considering that it is always full-house the food can't help being extremely fresh :)

My bento set was extremely unusual. I'd never actually tried any of the dishes prepared in that way before, but it was all beautifully presented and tasted wonderful. I was reminded of my husband saying how great the food looked at ryokans in Japan, and how you couldn't recognise anything. It felt like that. Wonderful.