shimmertje (shimmertje) wrote,

Life: Me and crashing glass


On February 28th, 2012, I blogged about how glass seems to crash when I'm around. Well, it happened again late last year, in September 2012. I was upstairs, and then there was this crash downstairs. The glass doors of a cabinet had decided to give up. What Shanlung thinks happened is that there was a flag balanced on one of the doors, and it had exerted just enough pressure over time to have this happen.

Which brings me back to an incident when I was in school, and I thought this crashing sound had been from the cats in the neighbourhood outside. It turned out to be the mirror mounted in the bathroom.

So yes, glass and me don't seem to get along well. But rest assured, I am never actually physically near the glass when it happens.

Click on the picture to see more pictures of life in Doha.
Tags: glass shatter bizarre door
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