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Tech: iPhone vs Samsung

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So my iPhone died and it didn't seem to make much sense to pay to replace the screen if it was half the cost of the phone. It didn't make sense to get another iPhone either, though it really is painless to backup your phone and then get the backup installed onto your new phone.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead. The first thing I noticed was how much easier it is to type on the phone, key by key. Fewer mistakes, no need to type spaces,and if you need to correct anything there is a large pencil shaped graphic that you touch and drag to get the cursor where you want. Much, much friendlier! There is predictive text as well and it can be quite accurate.

Then I found out how to switch on the swipe function. That's it. I can never go back to the iPhone keyboard again, unless they have swipe and the cursor control too.

Then there is the little matter of using the phone as a phone. The iPhone doesn't allow you to copy phone numbers easily, whereas the Galaxy S4 does. Bliss, especially when you have to rebuild your phone book from scratch.

Having said that it is not strictly from scratch. The phone allows me to tap on my Gmail phone book. And my Facebook contacts. And my Whatsapp contacts too. It knows that the same person can have different identities on different networks and makes intelligent suggestions about which entries might be about the same person.

Storage? I just added a micro sd card. Plus I am backed up onto Dropbox for free for the next two years because of the phone. A good thing, because you can download files straight onto your phone. No iTunes.

Love it. Is there anything to hate? I have to be honest, yes. I miss the clarity of the Retina display. On the other hand the Amoled screen sucks less battery life so I can see that my phone battery is lasting longer even though the Galaxy screen is larger. Maybe it's the added storage, but things seem to load faster too.

And yes, Android is complicated. Things don't always work as logically as on the iPhone. There are way more options on how to tweak your phone. Too many. I still get lost because the commands and the apps are scattered everywhere. I can't get straight to my favourite apps the way I could with the iPhone.

But hey. I am writing a blog entry on my phone with minimal typos. Beat that.

I am still feeling my way around.I like to think that the iPhone will stay relevant. Many of my ex-classmates have iPhones. But all in all, iOS needs to step up. Or it's going to lose its fan base.
Re: iPhone vs. Galaxy
Roberta, I wouldn't have even considered the Samsung Galaxy if I hadn't dropped the iPhone and damaged the screen. Just try typing on a friend's Android phone to see what the difference is. I'm not evangelising for Android or Samsung - but there are things I really like about it!