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Tech: too many social platforms, not enough time


Capturing eyeballs and mindshare is an easy enough concept to understand, but pretty difficult to achieve because there are so many social media platforms that your target audience might be on. This is how it works for me:

Twitter during waits and commutes
Whatsapp when I need to talk to anyone or arrange a meeting with several people
LinkedIn at work, to check backgrounds of work acquaintances or potential clients; putting people in touch with each other on a professional basis
Facebook at work, because we need to track clients and/or do work for clients via Facebook
Instagram at mealtimes outside of the home
Pinterest at bedtime or on weekends and holidays
Livejournal when I have something to share with people in general, as opposed to Facebook or Twitter friends

..which actually leaves me with no time to check email much, especially when mail is also available on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

SMS ads do not work for me - they just don't seem to be about anything I am interested in. TV ads? TV is relegated to mealtimes at home. It just doesn't get that much airtime do to speak.

Wonder how others cope?

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