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Life: in minutiae

The view from the living room
Broom packaging, a photo by shimmertje on Flickr.

It has been windy yesterday and today. Today I learned that what I thought was the sound of drilling coming from downstairs actually came from the bathroom exhaust fan fighting against incoming air.

We didn't get scissors or paper yesterday but did get the broom (hA) so I was able to sweep the room with its glittering and resistant blue fibres, assured that it was picking up hair and dust perfectly. There weren't dust pans on sale so I figured I could just sweep everything downstairs and out the main door.

Note #1 to self: always check what's downstairs. Move the freshly laundered clothing out of the way first.

Note #2 to self: check if there is a pesky ledge at the main door that could prevent you from sweeping anything right out. Especially when the prevailing breeze is blowing everything right back inside.

The laundry looks ok after a bit of whacking around. I suppose the remaining detritus will have to be picked up with a damp tissue. I'll get the garbage out in the late afternoon anyway, when it's cooler.

Then it was the challenge of reheating lunch, when I managed to lock the Ariston hob so nothing worked other than an annoying winking lock button. It's amazing what help you can get from the Internet. After sifting through masses of irrelevant data. Only to find you had been doing it right all along, just that you have to press the lock button for an incredibly long time.

Then I tried to add mushrooms, tomatoes and an egg to the existing scrambled egg, bacon, corned beef and fish sauce, because it was way too salty for me in the first place.

Note #3 to self: when eggs have green spots, it is probably normal to have the egg yolk go green and refuse to leave the shell.

Note #4 to self: adding water to make a salty soup would probably work better.

Sh is taking leave and I suggested visiting Katara. It has some good reviews on TripAdvisor. The singing sands might be another option but they sound very hot, and I have been hot enough already.

About an hour to asr, after which I will take care of the dishes, laundry, garbage and maybe repack for Oman. 14 friends who have agreed to meet, 7 days, and no car. An interesting combination.

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Oh my
Am totally enjoying your posts, and will have to go into Google Earth to see exactly where you are : )

I have such a mundane life, I can live vicariously thru yours and Shanlung's....and you will have to explain what an Ariston hub is!!

Hugs, Roberta (in cool Half Moon Bay, California)