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SD card woes
SD card woes, a photo by shimmertje on Flickr.

So this weekend I go to M1 to get a SIM for the iPad. Then I try to get it onto the corporate email. It refuses.

Then I try to print a document at work. Adobe keeps telling me I didn't specify any pages to print.

Then I get home and realise my iPhone isn't getting email. Right, my email is down.

And then on Sunday the gate won't lock.

And when I look at my iPhone again I realise I'm getting no data at all.

Turns out the iPad SIM conflicted with my iPhone SIM and no one told me I had to reset my network on the iPhone. Even so my email was still down.

That is, till Monday. My email works fine on the iPhone and the iPad. My document printed fine. The lock is still flakey though.